this is supposed to be fun / follow the flow / YIN + YANG  / what's different here:  your gifts include your heart, your sensitivity

We find the sweet spot that marries your joy (the things you love doing) - with launching you into the world. Yes you may need to get uncomfortable - why invest in coachign if it's the same old same old 

 Mapping out your step by step plan

Mapping out your step by step plan

1st session  = the map

Every client is different. Your map is unique to you: your gifts, talents, experiences, what you've already built...

We keep it simple.  Create a project. A focus. That stretches you. Gets you in action. 

You learn by being in action.  you receive feedback, doors begin to open, new connections are made (my experince wiht the SF cafe)


WE look at profitiablity.   How to open up the money flow. You are meant to be paid.

Deal with PRICING


Apply here to be in my incubator: 

Your promise: a  testimonail (3 months)  / share your journey


{Momentum Boutique}

The Focus Plan is a 7-week program that helps you plan and stay focused on your main goal.

The different phases of the program consist in:

 The world in your hands

The world in your hands

  • Assessing your starting point and defining your goal for the duration of the program
  • Creating an action plan that fits your schedule
  • 4 weeks to implement the plan defined for the duration of the program
  • Project debriefing

The program also includes:

  • Six 30-minute calls to stay focused on your goal
  • Use week 7 to catch up on any remaining tasks or to work on your next action steps
  • Direct access to me via email for the duration of the program

Your investment for the program is 1 payment of $597.


What makes me different: 

I bring a passion for life coaching, personal growth and heart-centered soul work to these sessions.  I have spent over a decade helping women get unstuck and follow their passions.  My Soul Marketing is built on this foundation.  Spirit want you to live a joy-filled and fulfilling life.  These sessions will uncover how marketing your gifts can be fun, exciting and rewarding.  This is not a list of should's and have to's  We start with YOU: what makes you come alive. This is the key to unlocking your potential for earning money and connecting with right clients and sharing yourself. 


Your soul-cenetered business can be your greatest life adventure.