Find True North & Create Your Best Next Chapter

Imagine feeling confident, happy and excited about your life.  You are in action on ideas that, up until now, were stalled dreams or one-day-someday projects.  Life is an adventure and you love being on the playing field.  You have the support you need and are taking steps towards making change a reality.

But right now you may wonder: “Is this the right idea?”  “Is the timing right?” or “Do I have what I need to see this project through?”  You may get stuck thinking about the times in the past when you tried to make change and it backfired or never quite got something off the ground.  You feel confused, because you know you want more for your life, yet you are not taking the action you need to move forward.

I know how this feels.  As a writer, author, solopreneur, healer and Life Coach, I have needed to overcome self-doubt and resistance to change again and again.   I can share from my own experience and those I have worked with that finding clarity and taking authentic action is a lot more enjoyable than sitting on the fence.  

I love helping my clients create outside the box results and genuine happiness.

I have coached and worked with hundreds of clients individually and in group programs from around the globe (Australia, Canada, UK, Europe and USA) and have helped them to birth new books and programs, create purpose-filled businesses, explore dream lifestyles and experience personal breakthroughs.  As your Coach and mentor, I will support you to move through your blocks, bring clarity to the confusion, and get started sooner rather than later.  

I will work with you to:

  • clarify what you really, really want
  • zero in on what is stuck, causing the most pain, and off track
  • release limiting patterns that are holding you back
  • brainstorm perfect for you next steps (from tiny shifts to heart thumping leaps)
  • map out doable projects that will guide you forward on your dreams


“Thank you Heather for helping me learn to ignore the constant distractions and stay focused on the call of my soul…with your help I am letting go of the extraneous activities and ‘must dos’ and making space for what feels true and real. I’m giving birth to my heart centered business–and a life that nourishes me.”
— Kimberly Schneider,

Who This is For

I work with creative, kind, smart women (and the occasional smart man) who want more from their lives.  You may be a coach, healer, artist, or leader who believes in following your heart's compass and often feel "shackles on" when trying to fit more traditional molds. You are seeking help in unblocking what is coming between you and the beautiful life you envision for yourself.

Who this coaching is for:

  • You are ready to make change (even if you aren’t sure where to start)
  • You are excited to roll up your sleeves and do some exploring and planning
  • You believe in and invest in your personal growth
  • You sense you have life blind spots that are ripe for healing and transformation
  • You are open to guidance and resonate with my message

Who this is not for:

  • You are happy with the status quo
  • You prefer being practical over personal rewards
  • You have a “prove it to me” attitude
  • You are not interested in growing and evolving
  • You are closed to change and trying out new ideas


I coach clients two times each month for a minimum of three months. Sessions are 60 minutes and conducted easily over the telephone or Skype. Virtual coaching allows us to work together no matter where you live, and saves you the time, hassle and cost of any travel. If you live in the Rochester, NY area and are interested in in-person sessions, please let me know.

Coaching Package also include: 

  • Personalized assignments (homework, the fun kind)
  • Email support between sessions
  • Access to my best resources to keep you on track and on purpose

What do you really want? I'd love to help you find it. 

To get started working with me, click the "Book Your Complimentary Discovery Session" button. There is a quick form to fill out that will help me get to know you better. 


Have questions? Contact me. I would be happy to answer. 

Does Ongoing Coaching Not Fit Your Needs?

I also offer Private Consultations where I share wisdom, advice, resources, perspective, and experience over a single, impactful 90 minute session.

Details here>>

Praise for Working with Heather

“Heather’s the woman who taught me that ‘more is less’ and led me to my very first BIG LEAP. I felt successful, I believed I was successful but I wasn’t living successfully….until Heather came along and told me It was ok to live successfully. I was holding myself back waiting for someone to come along and tell me, show me, and HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE.

Heather is a no nonsense and compassionate mentor. She has helped to steer me on the path of my success that was laid out in our very first call. She’s the woman who taught me that “more is less” and led me to my very first BIG LEAP. In the first month of working with Heather I made the shift and attracted my first high end client !!!”

-Lisa Berry, Holistic Health Counselor and Founder of Dating Your Diet,


"Before learning Heather’s straightforward process to tap into my own wisdom to choose the next direction to take with my business, I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by all the options I had available to me. Heather’s coaching, wisdom, and practical strategies made it easy for me to confidently make a decision in five minutes that I had been struggling with for over four months – and know that it was the right decision for me!"

-Sue Rasmussen, Author and Certified Life Coach 


“Thank you Heather for helping me learn to ignore the constant distractions and stay focused on the call of my soul. With your help I am letting go of the extraneous activities and ‘must dos’ and making space for what feels true and real. I’m giving birth to my heart centered business–and a life that nourishes me.” 

-Kimberly Schneider, J.D., M.Ed., Author, Coach, Counselor and Consultant,


“When given the opportunity to drop in your heart and get access to the TRUE you…this is where the magic happens. Heather is the perfect guide for this type of work.  Working with Heather is an opportunity to really get clear on where you are and where you want to go not ruled by the THINKING MIND. I felt that I had support and a deep knowing of the direction I am headed. Insights about certain areas that were holding me back and a consciousness to go even deeper with the tools she provided. Setting aside the time to do the work with someone who really is holding the space in a loving way is very powerful. In a busy world of today to give yourself the gift of the time and from the comfort of your own home is priceless. 

-Brooke E., Certified Strategic Attraction Coach and Spirit-preneur Coach and Entrepreneur


“I found that I had massive confirmation about my path being right for me, which is very healing as an aspect of getting a reading to me! I liked in general the feeling of being able to ask questions and tap into my soul’s records. This felt empowering to me more so than a regular psychic reading that is future-oriented. I’d say the benefits are having more inner peace about my path, knowing that I’m headed in the right direction.”

-Lisa Selow, Author of the Hay House best-seller, A Rebel Chick Mystic’s Guide,


“I wanted to share with you what I noticed after our session together. As we were talking, I feel like it wasn’t only the conversation that was healing. The only thing I can compare it to is receiving energy work or prayer…when things get worked out on a level that you just aren’t really conscious of but you still get to benefit from the effects. That’s how much of the healing felt for me. All I know is during my walk this afternoon I noticed that I just feel differently about my problem. The fear and confusion is gone. I’ve been dealing with that obstacle for about seven years and now it just feels like it evaporated. Thank you so much for facilitating that much needed healing. I honestly can’t believe it’s gone. I’m a little shocked but extremely grateful. You are a gem.”

-Dana da Ponte, Creator of hand painted works of heart for spiritual women


“What most astounds me about Heather’s gifts is her ability to help me know when to slow down and when to speed up, when to contemplate and when to fly into action. She is quite unique in her ability to help you literally chart a course for your business based on your own personal rhythms, talents and preferences.”

-Baeth Davis, The Hand Analyst,


“Heather has such a grounded energy that I know anybody who is venturing into the world of Entrepreneurship would benefit greatly from her. My husband Gildart and I released our own film, “You” online. Our own success in circumventing the traditional routes for film distribution has not only been gratifying but also eye opening for what is possible for todays’ artists and entrepreneurs by tapping into the powerful reach of the internet. You absolutely can create success for yourself from your “laptop” –if you have a bit of know how and passion. I think Heather is fantastic, smart and infuses what can be intangible and frustrating life challenge with earthy calm and clarity.”

-Melora Hardin, Actress, Singer, Director,


“I got exactly what I needed: a kind and supportive listener and advice tailored to MY needs. I didn’t get a receipt for my future (thanks!) yet I felt very encouraged to follow my own intuition with some helpful considerations added. Thank You, Heather for sharing your insight in your very unique, compassionate way.” -GHG


"Using a gentle, yet powerful approach, Heather has a unique way of merging the practical with the spiritual. She worked with me to quickly assess the areas of my life that were out of balance. I emerged with a clearer vision of my career aspirations and a better sense of what I needed to do to fulfill that vision.”  -Sally Clark, Director, Cowgirl Productions, Inc.


 ♥  What do you really, REALLY want?  I'd love to help you find it.  ♥