The Soul-filled Cafe Episode #3: Room for What Matters with Sue Rasmussen

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Today I am talking with Sue Rasmussen.  Sue coaches women entrepreneurs to let go of the clutter and overwhelm, do less, and accomplish more.  She’s a coach and the international best-selling author of My Desk Is Driving Me Crazy and Unclutter Your Spirit.

Sue has worked with over 6,000 small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants from 29 countries.  Her work has been featured in Success Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, Women Entrepreneurs Magazine, and the NBC TODAY Show, as well as numerous radio and publication interviews.

In other words, Sue is the real deal when it comes to knowing something about the issues of clutter and overwhelm.  I am very happy to have her at the Cafe, so I can pick her brain and get her two cents on something that I hear over and over from clients, colleagues and friends, which is:  "I am SO busy."  Busy is becoming a buzzword for me, because when your life is constantly booked up, it is challenging to have clarity and know when you are on or off track to what matters most to you.

Another topic we dig into is Airstream living. About a year ago, Sue made a big life change: after years of dreaming, she bought an Airstream for herself and now lives from her mobile home, currently located in Florida.

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“A lot of times moving forward on what we want really means that all of our fears about what that’s going to be at a very deep level are going to come up. It’a actually easier for me to run off and try do something else than it is for me to deal with whatever feelings that are uncomfortable about doing what I am currently doing.”
— Sue Rasmussen, SFC Ep #3

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Heather Gray

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