Confused About Your Life Purpose? Success in the Step-by-Step Journey

Have you ever thought, if you only knew your life purpose, then everything would fall into place?  Or wished for crystal clear clarity about your life's mission so that you could stop wasting time on mundane activities that seem to get you nowhere?  I know I have.

In 2007, I worked on clarifying my mission statement and created the following: "To inspire others as a creative source of light, joy and wisdom."  And, yes, this is helpful work to do: capturing the essence that lies behind your busy life and giving meaning to what otherwise might feel insanely meaningless or uncertain.

"But these lofty mission and purpose driven statements may also leave you with little information on, 'Where do you go from here?'"

Though my mission statement gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling, I find that I often need to follow the guidance of simply taking the next step.

Note to self:  success may be found in the step-by-step journey.  

Though your ego would love to know the Big Picture and what lies ahead, the future will forever be a mysterious "out there," unpredictable, and untouchable phenomenon.  You only ever have right now.  Eckhart Tolle, the master of NOW, writes in "The New Earth": "The paradox is that the foundation for greatness is honoring the small things of the present moment instead of pursuing the idea of greatness. The present moment is always small in the sense that it is always simple, but concealed within it lies the greatest power."   

It's painstakingly simple:  just do the next indicated step, enjoy the present moment, have faith and trust that your internal compass knows where to take you.  But I know that these simple truths fly out the window during those dark moments of the soul when you question yourself, fret about tomorrow, or worry that you are off course.  

You need to remember that the universe often guides us with little baby steps - one step at a time: go read a certain book; take a class; call someone; or write a letter.  Once we do step one, then step two is revealed, followed by step three and so on.  The journey is made step by step.  

In the Movie, You Can Heal Your LifeLouise Hay, the founder of Hay House Books and an international best selling author, says that her vision for her life is "How can I help the people?"  She states: "Ever since I put myself on the spiritual pathway, it is as though I've had nothing to do with my life.  Life has taken over and said, 'You will do this, you will go here and this will happen.'"

Keep doing the next step.  And the next one after that.  Soon you will have walked a long path of synchronicities, happy surprises and accomplishments--many that you would never have predicted from the starting line.

I just do what’s in front of me. From the very beginning, I answered the telephone, opened the mail and did what was in front of me, and things kept growing and growing and growing.
— Louise Hay

Heather Gray

I am Heather Gray, a life coach, published author, and the founder of Soul-filled Life. I’ve spent thousands of hours helping creative, gorgeous individuals articulate and create lives that they love.  I draw from a background in Psychology, Life Coaching, and Energy Healing to move you towards personal breakthroughs and beautiful life change.