The Soul-filled Cafe, Episode #5: A Brave Woman with Karen Schachter

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Today I am talking with Karen Schachter, who is the creator of a program called, Brave.  I am also recording the show from a very special place: Playa Negro in Costa Rica just outside of the town of Puerto Viejo. The sounds you hear in the background are of the Caribbean Sea, as we are looking out over a lush garden to the beach.  

The reason I am here is because Karen recently purchased a beautiful property called Villas Serenidad.  In this episode she shares how this amazing Costa Rican adventure came to be and how you can also move beyond your stories and follow your desire to the magic in life. 

 Podcasting from Villas Serenidad

Podcasting from Villas Serenidad

 To introduce Karen, I will share what she writes about herself on her website, because I think it’s a perfect description of what she is up to in the world.

I was told by an astrologist that I was not a white-picket fence girl; and the truth is: he was right.

Behind my fence was ‘pretty’ and ‘nice’ and ‘good’ – and SAFE and STUCK… but a richer, fuller life beyond the fence called to me. Each time I move further from the safety of that white picket fence (and what I thought was ‘expected’ of me), I first feel fear and then, freedom.

I work on this fear-freedom dynamic within myself every single day… and while there are days I want to go back into hiding, I know that my freedom is the best gift I can give myself, my children, my friends, my clients… and YOU.

My passion is to help other women and girls access their truth and express their essence… so you can feel alive in your body and find the courage to follow the whispers of your heart & soul.
— Karen Schachter

I met Karen back in 2008 at a business mastermind retreat.  At the time Karen was working as a therapist and a health coach. I have loved watching her transform and evolve over the past nine years.  I am very happy to have her at the Cafe for a Soul-filled conversation about being brave, getting out of comfort zones, and creating magic. 


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Villas Serenidad

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