Soul-filled Cafe Episode #4: Highly Sensitive and Courageous with Justine Blythe Porges

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Today I am talking with Justine Blythe Porges. Justine is a Licensed Social Worker, a life coach, an artist and a lifelong learner. Combining her background in psychology as a social worker and her training in the method of Ontological coaching, Justine views herself as a guide to facilitate her clients to connect more deeply with themselves through body awareness and movement, mindfulness and presence, and kick ass self-compassion. She doesn’t claim to have the answers for anyone, but she can guide you to your own answers which she has found to be a much more powerful tool for transformation and root level healing and change.

Creativity is in her blood and Justine loves to paint, cook, remodel houses and any activity that she can dig in and get her hands dirty and transform raw materials into interesting and beautiful works of art. She sees a connection between creating art and creating our lives and is constantly learning and re-learning to trust the process in both.

Two recent paintings by Justine (who is not formally trained as an artist): 

FullSizeRender (1).jpg


Justine and I met about a year ago, when a mutual friend put us in touch with each other. At the time Justine was navigating big life change: she had left one life behind and her new life was only taking shape, so she was planting seeds and feeling into what wanted to happen next . We had some wonderful conversations about knowing when your internal compass is saying "Yes" vs "No"; trusting your Self enough to follow the guidance; how to get back on track when you end up taking other people’s “not so helpful” advice; and how only you know what is truly right for yourself  (even if it does not make “logical sense” at times  or is not the practical way.)

We love talking about what it takes to walk on the road less traveled.  In this episode we dig into: life change; the comfort zone, how to feel safe when you are highly sensitive, and being brave without having things figured out.

Today, Justine is talking to us from Boulder, Colorado and I am in upstate New York. I want you to imagine that we are sitting in a cozy coffee shop, enjoying a chat over a favorite beverage.



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