Soul-filled Cafe Episode #2: Divinely Guided with Brooke Emery

Today I am talking with Brooke Emery.  We call each other “Spiritual Running Buddies,” because our friendship goes back to the late 1990’s when we were trading Abraham-Hicks recordings on cassette tape and offering Reiki exchanges to each other.  She is an incredible resource of connections and wisdom.

Brooke describes herself as a Possibility Synergist and a Guide. 

As a child, Brooke would spend time during family vacations writing postcards to all of her friends. Her mom would tell her, “stop wasting your time,” but to her connections were everything and they still are.

Brooke says that there are two things have been a constant in her life:

  1. Marketing:  She worked in PR and marketing for over 20 years helping people make connections, become more visible, and put their best work out into the world   Growing up, her mom owned an Advertising Agency and she spent a lot of time there. She was in commercials as a child and later worked in accounts, creative, and as a prop stylist on sets. 
  2. Intuition: Brooke has been listening to her intuition since she was a young girl, acknowledging the whispers, listening to the messages, and going where she was guided.  

After creating a synchronistic strategic alliances for Aaron Basha Jewelers with Godiva and Unicef that created major growth and publicity, Brooke realized that strategic alliances are her zone of genius, because creating joint ventures is as natural as breathing for her.  

In her own words, Brooke says:

I’m here to help you co-create your big idea a reality. I’m all about possibility, that magical mix of strategy and soul that works as a catalyst to bring your visions to life. I work with people who are READY for the next level, who KNOW that they’re destined for greatness, and who are OPEN to help getting to where they are going.

Brooke is a wife to an Executive Content Producer/Director, live in Geek Squad, and the mom to two fairy girls.



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