Check the Box (Or How I Finally Launched A Podcast)

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On December 8th, I published the eighth episode of my podcast, The Soul-filled Cafe. In this show, I interview blogger, Gina Rizzolo-Epstein, who shares her personal experience with bipolar disorder while also building a life she loves (including a recent move to Costa Rica, birthing her daughter at the age of 49, and the happiness she's found with her husband Jesse who is 16 years her senior.) It touches me to consider how our conversation may be supporting someone that is struggling with mental health and searching for an inspiring lifeline.

I also reflect on how this show could have easily never happened. The truth is, I sat on the idea for my podcast for two years. Producing a podcast was just not sitting in my comfort zone next to the easy button.

So what changed?

I decided to check the box. The idea for a podcast both inspired me and would not leave me alone. So I did an experiment for myself: what if I check this box? What if I say, "OK spirit, I hear your whispers, I am going to do this thing, and I just ask that you support me along the way." And full disclosure, this was a project I had started and stopped a couple of times, so I was not starting from scratch: I had a mentor who had showed me the ropes; I had purchased my fancy microphone; I had picked out music for the intro; and I had a name and cover graphic I liked.

What made it for real, was when I published my first "Welcome Episode" (under 5 minutes in length) on iTunes. That is also when the magical flow set in: a renewed sense of purpose, wonderfully unpredictable connections with show guests, and listeners in 15 countries from around the world (Hello Japan, Venezuela, Australia, India, France . . .!)

What I notice is that once you move forward and "check the box" on a dream project, there is a relaxing that happens, a confidence that sets in, and funny enough, a new box that shows up to be checked. You begin to live life from that enchanted place of flow and purpose, also known as your true calling.

The next box that showed up for for me is called Designing What Is Next, a program that dropped into my heart last summer.

I share my 'Check the Box' story, because I know there is a box that is waiting for you to check. I also know how piece-of-cake easy it is to keep your inspired idea on a low simmer, where it is described in a dream journal, detailed in a google document, or on a list for next year's goals. I understand because that is what I did for 24 months!

Designing What Is Next is a rich road map for creatives who are ready for real life fulfillment. Based on my more than 20 years in the personal growth, psychology and life coaching fields, I've designed this course to be both fun and life changing. I will be walking my talk and checking my boxes right along side you. :)

Click here to learn more and enroll in this new course.

If you are confused about what your next box to check is, no problem, I've got you covered.

Heather Gray

I am Heather Gray, a life coach, published author, and the founder of Soul-filled Life. I’ve spent thousands of hours helping creative, gorgeous individuals articulate and create lives that they love.  I draw from a background in Psychology, Life Coaching, and Energy Healing to move you towards personal breakthroughs and beautiful life change.