10 Fresh New Features at Soul-filled Life

Fresh and New

Hello there.  

Welcome to the re-launch of Soul-filled Life, my digital home since 2008.  The following list describes the changes that you will find here.  I hope you enjoy them.  Many have been incubating with me for a while and birthing them has been a journey.  

1.  Design

I began working on this new website with designer Allie Rice last November (a delightful partner, I highly recommend her.)   My brainstorming started even earlier, back in September, when I completed Allie's Love Your Website course (which is excellent.) 

2. New Platform

I made the move from Wordpress to Squarespace. I love it as much as I thought I would.  The visual look and feel is important to me and Squarespace prioritizes beauty, elegance and ease of use.

I love Jen Carrington's tips on switching to Squarespace.  Read those here

3. Your Beautiful Life Guide and Resources

I now have a page dedicated to walking you through my approach to creating Beautiful Life Change. Part One, The Soul-Check-in, is up and ready for you.  Check it out here

4. Podcast

I love the ease and usability of podcasts and I am excited to offer one here.  This will be a fun, casual way for us to meet up and clink virtual coffee cups over an inspiring topic or special guest interview. Do you have a topic you want to hear about?  Use the form at the bottom of this page to let me know.

5.  Revised 7 Signs Guidebook

The 7 Signs Your Life is Off Track Guidebook has been updated and revised.  Download your free copy here

6. New Offerings

I now offer one-to-one coaching, private retreats, Akashic Records Consultations, and live workshops. Explore more here.

7. About Me + Soul-filled Life

What's the first page you hit up when you visit a website?  This one has been spit polished and shined.  

8. The Magic of Tidying Up

When I switched over to this new platform, I had a choice to make about my old content.  I sorted, deleted and archived it all into a Scrivener file and am starting here at ground zero.  It feels amazing.  And I will be re-posting some favorite archived pieces on this new site. 

9. Weekly Letters

Soul-filled News (my email newsletter) has been redesigned and reformatted. I am re-embracing a weekly format.  

10.  Logo

The Soul-filled Logo was first created in 2008 (it combines butterfly wings with the look of an unfolding lotus flower).  I have always loved it and I am happy that it is still here.  Scroll up to see its new placement at the top of the navigation bar. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on these changes. Share with me in the comments. 

Heather Gray

I am Heather Gray, a life coach, published author, and the founder of Soul-filled Life. I’ve spent thousands of hours helping creative, gorgeous individuals articulate and create lives that they love.  I draw from a background in Psychology, Life Coaching, and Energy Healing to move you towards personal breakthroughs and beautiful life change.