Hopscotch or Miracles?

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We suit up for hopscotch when we could be performing miracles.
— Pam Grout

What does freedom and fulfillment taste like to you?

For many of us, it's a combination of being able to do the things we love doing in a flexible way and with a sense of purpose. Following my path to being a life coach, creating Soul-filled Life, the Soul-filled Cafe podcast, and now Designing What Is Next checks all those boxes for me. What checks the boxes for you?

Designing What Is Next is a guided path to more freedom and fulfillment in your life. It will help you clarify what those boxes are for you and check them. 

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Doors close at midnight tonight.

Wishing you oodles of freedom unfolding in your life. 

Will it be hopscotch or miracles? Your choice. ;-)

Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before the End of the Year

Sparkle and Flow

As we end one year and begin the next, do you have a favorite ritual you do for yourself? How do you release the old and welcome in the new?

I always take time to journal and reflect on the year that has passed and begin envisioning the year ahead. I find this process can be distilled down to three important questions.

Here they are:

  1. What brought you the most joy in 2017? 
  2. What are you ready to let go of from 2017?
  3. What do you wish to experience in 2018?

Answering these questions for yourself, in an authentic way, will help you to attract more flow and synchronicity into your New Year.

Are you ready to experience even more flow, fulfillment and joy in your life (and say yes to claiming 2018 as your year for what's next)?  I would love to share my best keys to Designing What Is Next, through a rich course that will gift you with enlivening insights, heart-flowing action and real life fulfillment.

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Wishing you the brightest of New Year's! 🍾

The Soul-filled Cafe Episode #9: When It's Harder Than You Thought

The Soul-filled Cafe Episode #9: When It's Harder Than You Thought

When you are creating life change, how do you know if you are on or off track when things get difficult? When it gets hard, Is this a sign that you have made a bad choice or is this just part of the journey? 

In this episode, I discuss what to expect when you are moving out of your comfort zone and things become challenging. I share personal examples from launching this podcast a few months ago, when many things did not go the way I expected. I also share a wonderful role model that gave me inspiration and a reminder that sometimes, what you want takes time, effort and persistence.

Check the Box (Or How I Finally Launched A Podcast)

Check the Box (Or How I Finally Launched A Podcast)

On December 8th, I published the eighth episode of my podcast, The Soul-filled Cafe. In this show, I interview blogger, Gina Rizzolo-Epstein, who shares her personal experience with bipolar disorder while also building a life she loves (including a recent move to Costa Rica, birthing her daughter at the age of 49, and the happiness she's found with her husband Jesse who is 16 years her senior.) It touches me to consider how our conversation may be supporting someone that is struggling with mental health and searching for an inspiring lifeline.

I also reflect on how this show could have easily never happened. The truth is, I sat on the idea for my podcast for two years. Producing a podcast was just not sitting in my comfort zone next to the easy button.

So what changed?