Your Beautiful Life
On Track and On Purpose

Hello Beautiful.

The following is a four-part guided resource I have created to walk you through my approach to creating beautiful life change. I invite you to dive right in or bookmark this page to return to when the timing is right.  

‘Following Your Heart’ is more than just a saying. When you can hear your true Heart calling, following your Heart is literally following a beacon home.
— The Teachings of Inner Ramana, Regina Dawn Akers

Part One: The Soul Check-In


All great journeys have a beginning.  The following exercise will give you clarity on where you are today.  Using a favorite tool called The Wheel of Life, I will guide you to reflect on each main area of your life.  You will create a visual snapshot, journal insights and begin to plot the road ahead.  Enjoy. 

Here's a preview of the 10-page guide: 

 Part 2: Find True North

Part Two: Find Your True North

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 Part 3: Envisioning the Future

Part Three: Envision the Future

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 Part 4: incubating a Project

Part Four: Incubate a Project

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