Frequently Asked Questions About the Akashic Records

When I shared The Deep Soul Dive Akashic Records Consultations, I was happy to see a positive response at Soul-filled Life. The new offering is resonating and I love working with others in this deep soul dive way. There are also some very good questions about the Akashic Records. I know this is a new concept for many, and I also had plenty of questions when I started my journey.

To help, I put together a list of answers to the Frequently Asked Questions about the Akashic Records.  Dive in below.

FAQ about AR graphic
FAQ about AR graphic

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are a soul-level dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every individuals' soul and its journey. (To understand what a “dimension of consciousness” is consider when you have a vivid night dream, even though you cannot touch it, there is still a real experience to it.) Akasha is a Sanskrit word, and means "Primary substance, that out of which all things are formed." The Records have also been referred to as The Book of Life.

There are two parts to each person's Record: the blueprint of your soul, which is fixed and changeless, and the dynamic story of your journey through time as a human being, which reflects your conscious evolution.

What can the Akashic Records do for me?

Accessing your Akashic Records can be extremely valuable and supportive on spiritual as well as practical levels. You will have access to clarity, guidance and direction from your Records that can directly support you in making real life changes. A consultation will also help you experience your soul's essence, expression, potential, and purposes. The energy present in the Records is both empowering and uplifting. For some, the activity of being in their Record sheds enough healing light to enable the release of old ideas and patterns.

How do you access my Records and will I feel anything?

The Deep Soul Dive Akashic Records Consultation begins with the Pathway Prayer©, some parts of which are said out loud and some are said silently. The Pathway Prayer Process© provides a reliable and deliberate way to move into and access the consciousness of the Records responsibly and in a disciplined, conscious manner. I also use your full name to access your individual record.

Some people notice a slight energetic shift when their Records are open. This may feel similar to receiving beneficial energy in a healing session, such as Reiki. The process of accessing your Records is completely safe and protected.

When is a good time to have a session?

The decision to have a consultation in your Records is a personal choice. You may be curious and looking for insights or you may need help with a significant life challenge. You can trust your own guidance for when it is the right time for you. If you are feeling a need for support or simply an interest in having a session, then it is the right time.

How is this different from a psychic reading or using intuition?

The Akashic Records is not based in psychic communication. While the two readings may look similar from the outside, the areas of communication, perception and spiritual dimension are different. The Records are not about giving predictions or telling you what to do, but are concerned with your spiritual growth and maturity, and how to realize your full potential.

Intuition, on the other hand, is held and supported within the Records (sort of like a sub-domain contained by the Records). The biggest difference is that intuition is more personal. Intuition could be likened to using a flashlight in a dark room, whereas the Records are like turning on the house lights. Many people find that once they start working in their Records, their intuition improves, as if the light of the Record gets underneath their intuition and supports it.

How do I prepare for a session?

To prepare is simple: you will consider the areas of your life that you would most like to receive information, clarity and understanding. Your questions will guide the reading and clients often ask about career, finances, health, relationships, and creative expression. It is helpful to write down your questions for yourself and bring them to your session (you do not need to send them to me ahead of time.)

What types of questions work best?

You will receive clarity and guidance from the Records, but because it is different from a divination tool there are questions that work better than others. Simple yes or no questions (i.e.Will I get this job?) as well as inquiries about timing (i.e. When will I meet my soul mate?) are less useful in the Records. Instead, questions that invite a deeper response often begin with how, what, and why: How can I make the most of this situation? What do I need to do or understand to move past this? Why did I have this particular experience? How can I manifest what I am wanting? What is the next best step on my path?

There are different methods of Akashic Record readings, what is your training and background?

I received my Advanced Training Certification from Linda Howe and The Center for Akashic Studies. Linda Howe has been working in the records since 1994 and was given her Pathway Prayer Process© in September 2001.  Linda describes her method as going into the "heart" of the records.  I believe I was drawn to this specific process, because I resonate with the energy and love that is present (before discovering Linda's teachings, I only had a mild curiosity about the Records.)

Still have a question? You may contact me directly.

Ready to dive in? CLICK HERE for details and to schedule your Deep Soul Dive Akashic Records Consultation.

Do It Your Way: How Your Conative Style Affects Your Success

How Your Action Style Affects Your Journey

Over the last 4 weeks we explored the Cycle of Change and how to make sense of four distinct phases of a psychological metamorphosis: 1)  the Meltdown, 2) Dreaming Your Next You, 3) the Climb, and 4) the Smooth Sailing.

Change Cycle
Change Cycle

As you took this journey, did you notice one or two squares that stand out as "your squares"?  The ones that you could write a book about, because you have spent loads of time there, you know it inside and out, and you would call it your "comfort zone."  There is a reason for this:  you have a style of doing things.  And your way of taking action will influence your journey through the change cycle in a unique way.

Tortoise vs Hare
Tortoise vs Hare

Remember Aesop's fable "The Tortoise and the Hare," where the boastful and quick rabbit gets beaten in a foot race by the slow and steady tortoise?  Even as a very young child, I immediately related to the shame of the rabbit – not because I like to brag (cross my heart, I am more of an introvert) but because I completely share the hare’s instinct for quick actionover the calm and steady progress of the tortoise.   I had a hunch early on that I would make a lousy tortoise.

Little did I know then, that my instincts were true and that there is actually great wisdom in Frank Sinatra's popular song, "I Did it My Way."  (And I thought it was just a narcissist's pretty rant!)

You are equipped with an instinctive "doing" style,  known as your Conative Style.  Cognition is how you think.  Affection is how you feel.  And Conation is how you do stuff.  Unfortunately, conation is the less understood science.

Kathy Kolbe is a leading expert in the conative field and based on historical, philosophical and psychological research, she has identified four basic "styles" for doing.  Which styles sound the most like you?  Notice how each style relates to a specific phases of the Change Cycle.

Red Sneakers
Red Sneakers

The Quick Start faces challenges by jumping straight into the process, and learns best by trial and error, and working with pure action.  These types are frustrated by long instruction manuals and will instead push buttons and switch things on to get going with "figuring it out."  These types thrive and do well in Phase 1 of the Change Cycle.

Yellow Arrow
Yellow Arrow

The Follow Thru prefers focusing on systems and using established protocols. If there is no system to follow, then these types will invent one.  These are the people who will read the instruction manual.  They are also excellent and comfortable in Phase 4 of the Change Cycle.

Hammer 2
Hammer 2

The Implementor is hands on and will choose working directly with physical objects over studying them.  Engineers, artists, architects and carpenters tend to be this type.  They  do best by just doing.  They are concrete and grounded in the 3-D world.  These types do well in Phase 3 of the Change Cycle.

Fact Finder
Fact Finder

The Fact Finder loves to compile and analyze information. Google searches, stacks of books, and distilling information into conclusions is their comfort zone.  You will find them at the library and writing out great notes on a new subject.  These types love Phase 2 of the Change Cycle.

Do you have a sense of which action type(s) you are? You will probably relate strongly to one or two of the types.  Another type you will "get by" in.  And chances are, there is one type that makes you cringe.

A great recipe for misery is to be forced to do a style that is not natural for you!

As you move through the Change Cycle:  you will find that certain phases of change will feel like coming home while another will feel foreign. For instance, a "Follow Thru" is not a happy clam when moving thru the unpredictable phase of a meltdown.

The good news is you can bring your strengths to the phase of the change you are in.  For example, as a quick start and a fact finder, when I am in Phase 3 (Climbing the Mountain) it helps me to use my research skills to break down a large imposing task into small bite size pieces that I can jump into.  If you are an implementor and find yourself is in the Phase 2 of Change (Dreaming the Next You), it will be beneficial to get hands on with your dreams by pulling out scissors and a glue stick, and constructing a vision board.

Your action style will feel cozy to you and when combined with the right goals, your life will be downright  delicious.

For more information on Conative Styles: go to where you can take the Kolbe Index .

So go ahead ...  Do it your way. 

My friend, I'll say it clear.  I'll state my case of which I'm certain.  I've lived a life that's full.  I traveled each and ev'ry highway.  And more, much more than this, I did it my way." -- Frank Sinatra, "My Way"

Which Action Style(s) is most like You? The Quick Start, Follow Thru, Implementor, or Fact Finder?  Which one(s) feels off course?   I'd love to know.  Leave your comment below. 

What is the Guidance from Your Soul?

Five Easy Steps to Begin Your Own Life Quest

eat-pray-loveIf you are one of the millions who have read Elizabeth Gilbert's wonderful book "Eat, Pray, Love," then you may also be one of the fans that are saying to yourself: "Hey, I want to create my own year dedicated to pleasure (Eat), spirit (Pray) and the magical blend of both (Love).   What miracles would happen in my life if I did that? "

 Well there is no reason to wait until the day you have the time, money or courage to set off around the world for a year. What you are craving is connection to the divine and guidance from your true or higher self. And there are ways that you can bring this magic to your life today. In fact, there are 5 EASY ways to get you on that path. My hope is that they bring you the miracles that I discovered when I consciously put these into my own life.

1. Stop being so busy and create S P A A A A C E

"Your Soul talks to you everyday, but if you are too busy, you cannot hear what it is trying to say."  --Denise Linn, Author of Soul Coaching

I don't need to tell you that we live in a fast paced world that prizes productivity and DOING.  The mind set we are hypnotized by is  "more, more, more" and "you have to work hard to be successful."   It is also a very masculine paradigm that reeks havoc on our health if we are constantly pushing and pushing without any R&R.  (And for some, "illness" becomes the only way that they allow time for themselves--not a powerful way to live!)

vacation-timeLet's flip this on it's head.  Have more by doing LESS.  Take a look at your schedule right now.  Is there time in there for doing nothing?  That's right, nothing!  If you are scheduled with back-to-back-to-back appointments, then there will be no room for flow, or the mystery and whispering of your soul to come in.  You need to create some space in your daily activities to allow for the feminine and to get in the rhythm of your life.   Fight the urge to fill up every hour in your schedule with doing. 

And I don't mean that you are going to schedule an activity to be your nothing.  When I first introduce this concept to some of my clients, they want to count their yoga class or their meditation time as nothing.  No, that is not nothing.  These are upgraded, spiritually evolved  "to do" activities.  Yes, they will nurture you, but these are still appointments.  The only appointment you want when you are creating SPACE is an appointment with yourself.   No plan.  You will only know when you arrive there what it is your heart wants you to do (see steps 2-5 for more guidance). 

When you get good at this, you can block out entire days for doing NOTHING except what feels right to do.  A mini-retreat for you, where you don't know where the destination is but only what your heart is telling you to do next.   This is when your soul will come in and grab you by the hand and take you leaps and bounds beyond anything your mental "doing" self would have ever conceived for you. 

keep-right-sign2.  Look for and notice coincidences, synchronicities, and repetitive thoughts

When you create space and are not running from one thing to the next, that is when you will notice the signs and synchronicities around you.  The Universe will nudge you or confirm that yes, you are heading in the right direction, or "Hey, notice this--it's important." 

I have a friend who when she drives makes a point of noticing license plates, road signs and slogans on the sides of trucks.  For her, these are messages from the Universe.  When she was working on her music album, a license plate saying "Rock Star" was a great thumbs up to keep going!   

When I was living in New York City I always felt that running into someone I knew (in this city of millions) was more than just a random coincidence.  I would look for what gift or message  we had for each other.  Or it would serve as an affirmation that I was on the right path.  During the writing of my book, "Real Girl Real World:  A Guide to Finding Your True Self,"  when we had received yet another rejection letter from a publisher, I took a chance meeting with a high school friend who had made it big in the music world as a great sign to just keep going.  Dreams do come true and if he can do it, I can do it.

What signs do you see around yourself?  Are there any synchronicities or coincidences that have been happening to you?  What might they mean?  Keep a journal for recording these occurrences and your insights about them.  Also, take notice of any repetitive thoughts that are coming to you.  Often we receive guidance through these quiet but consistent ideas.  Pay attention, even if they seem random.  The more you take notice, the more your soul will communicate through your surroundings and your own thoughts.

3.  Stop "should-ing" yourself

Shoulds are guilt dressed up as Puritan work ethic.  And they creep up on you. One day I was squeezing in a quick run to the grocery store that took me along the street where my gym was located and I caught myself thinking "You should go to the gym."   But it was even nastier than that, it was more like, "You should go to the gym, you lazy bum."   Ahh!  As if it wasn't enough that I was already rushing to get one thing done, this "SHOULD" slams down on me about what I am not doing.  No appreciation for what was getting accomplished but this never ending barrage of what still should be getting done. 

When you catch yourself Should-ing, say to yourself  "Thank you for sharing and I COULD do that, but right now I choose not to."  It works magic, and puts the power back in your control.  It also helps you get in touch with what you really want to be doing (important to our next step) and not the slave to some Puritan sitting on your shoulder that beats you up.  When we keep following all the shoulds in our life we don't even know what we want to do!

follow-your-heart4.  Follow your heart.  What do YOU want to do next?

Now that you have created some space, are watching for signs and have stopped hounding yourself about what you should do, notice what the intuitive part of yourself is expressing.  Ask yourself (and be honest), what do you really want to do now?  Maybe you want to simply take your favorite book and go to a local coffee shop and read.  Do that. Or maybe you are craving some time in nature.  Get outside. 

You only need to take hold of the next rung on the ladder.  You do not need to see the top.  Our guidance is often just what to do next.  In fact, Elizabeth Gilbert writes at the beginning of "Eat, Pray, Love", that when she was crying on the bathroom floor and asking for help from above, her inner voice said simply, "Go back to sleep."  And she realized later, that the need for  rest was the perfect guidance for her confused mind at that time. 

You can never see the whole journey from your current vantage point.  All is not revealed at once.  Just do what is next for you to do.  The more you do what's next, and what feels right,  the more your path opens up and takes you to the most amazing places.  So get started on your own magical journey, which is truly unique and perfect for you.

 5.  Raise your vibration through inspiration

Get to know what inspires you.  What are the things that consistently put you in a happier, good vibes place?   When you are sad, depressed, upset, tired or lethargic, it is difficult to be in touch with the magic flow of the universe.  You need to raise your vibration so that you are in sync with that higher part of yourself that is waiting to open doors and show you the way.  If you are complaining about someone, beating yourself up about something, or just in a funky funk, then you cannot access the guidance that is available.  In fact, you should AVOID making decisions and taking important actions from a negative place.  Do what ever it takes to get yourself feeling better.

Here are some of my favorites (borrow and add your own):  journaling, writing up a gratitude list, walking in nature,  listening to my favorite tunes, reading a book by an inspirational author (I always carry an inspiring book with me), taking a personal growth workshop, wearing something that makes me feel great, praying, watching Oprah, sending silent blessings to people, and seeing an uplifting movie.  

There is so much more to say about this, but the most important thing is for you to begin adding inspirational practices into your life today.   Notice what makes you feel better and surround yourself with these things.  This will help you along the way, especially when you are entering into the sacred space you create from less doing. 

Finally:  Get started today!


Elizabeth Gilbert deepend her connection to spirit and her own truth by using a year to allow herself pleasure (Italian pasta!), connection to the divine (prayer in an ashram) and finally through immense gratitude (falling in love ☺.)    Don't think that you need a year to do this for yourself.  Start today!  Learn to relish those times when you have an hour between one appointment and the next.

Magic happens when you have that extra time and you wander through a bookstore and find that perfect book.  It's when you walk on a new street because you felt like it and end up running into someone you haven't seen in years who happens to be the perfect connection to something you are working on. 

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(c) 2008 Heather Gray

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